Construction or renovation:

If you wish to sell your property or to know the potential of property prior to purchase, we propose specific tasks to identify the extent of the technical and regulatory possibilities whether for a new construction or for the transformation of an existing building.

We present the project outline to the town planning authorities and to the French Architectural Review Board (Architecte des Bâtiments de France) who then validate the architectural composition of the property, allowing us to proceed with the detailed design of the project without the risk of subsequent refusal.

Interior renovation:

We can carry out a simple renovation or complete restructuring.

In the latter case, we redesign the living spaces as a whole, their positioning and circulation capacity in order to get the best out of volume while maximising comfort. For more complex cases, we collaborate on a permanent basis with the best engineering firms and we are skilled at intervening with adjustments to structure (removal of load-bearing parts, changes to water and electricity systems, etc.).